Warner Center – Woodland Hills, California

Value:  $600 million
Challenge:  Acquiring land in an undeveloped area of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley to create a large-scale business environment.
Timeframe:  21 years
Result:  Voit created the 2.9 million square-foot Warner Center Plaza and Warner Center Business Park, which included mid- and high-rise office, hotel, fitness center, daycare,  restaurants, service retail and plazas, creating a new business region.  The firm went on to create the region’s first transportation management system, including van pools, ride share and shuttle system.

Tustin Gateway Business Park – Tustin, California

Value: $65 million
Challenge:  Finding value in the existing one million square-foot manufacturing facility and redeveloping an environmentally contaminated site.
Timeframe:  Two years
Result:  Voit determined that 500,000 square feet of the existing facility could be reused and marketed for sale or lease. Voit then developed the remaining portion of the site into Tustin Gateway Business Park, at which time it sold out all 19 buildings in less than 14 months after breaking ground.

Public-Private Partnership – Van Nuys, California
Marvin Braude San Fernando Valley Constituent Service Center

Value:  $41.5 million
Challenge:  To develop a neighborhood constituent service center as part of The City of Los Angeles’ plan to make local government more efficient and neighborhood-based.
Timeframe:  Four years
Result:   Voit successfully completed the architecturally significant Marvin Braude San Fernando  Valley Constituent Service Center five months ahead of schedule and $2 million under budget.

Fujita Real Estate Portfolios – Southern California

Value:  $261 million
Challenge:  Purchase a large portfolio of under-performing assets from a foreign seller in a very short time frame.
Timeframe:  Four years
Result:  Voit was able to create significant value by repositioning and leasing up the assets, selling off non-strategic assets and holding a remaining core of investment properties.

Burbank Airport Commerce Center – Los Angeles, CA

Value: $55 million
Challenge: To redevelop former aerospace land with environmental challenges into desirable, much-need commercial product for the local business community.
Timeframe: Three years
​Result: Addressed pent-up demand for quality industrial/R&D product in a market with 2-percent vacancy by developing a new industrial/R&D park totaling 480,000 square feet.

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The Plant – Van Nuys, California

Value:  $100 million
Challenge:  Redeveloping a closed automobile assembly facility on a 70-acre parcel of land in a blighted area of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.
Timeframe:  Three years
Result:  Voit created a 1.2 million square-foot retail/entertainment center and industrial park,  creating thousands of jobs, providing a strong return to investors and improving the surrounding area.

Voit Brea Business Park – Brea, California

Value:  $45 million
Challenge:  Acquire 30-acre in-fill site in highly desirable Brea, California industrial area.
Timeframe:  Two years
Result:  Voit broke ground, developed and sold out entire business park in approximately

28 months.